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What's the PHEV HP and when?

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OK, sorry if I'm losing my mind, but indulge me please. Rough day.
In my daily commute, I only brake twice in a 50 mile commute each way. 100 miles total per day.

I this PHEV... after 30 miles of Electric Mode, the battery kicks in the 1.3T, and the rear motor cuts out since battery now only has juice reserved to operate the 1.3T's starter (so you're never stranded). You start out on battery and then switchover to gas.

But doesn't that mean in E-Mode you're on that motor’s HP and Tq only? And when on the 1.3T you're then on THAT HP and Tq? It’s one, then the other, (until you mash the pedal).

So the only time you've got full advertised power is with a charged battery/rear motor + operating gas engine?

Steer me right here. I'm thinking in 40 miles into my commute.... I'll only have gas engine available for passing.

Or has thinking gone off the rails.?
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I think I have most of my answer here from a Tonale publication:
Dual Power/Dynamic: Dual Power mode provides maximum performance, guaranteed by full output from the 1.3- liter turbocharged engine and rear electric motor power sources. This mode also gives precise calibration of the throttle pedal and more assertive ecoasting/regenerative braking.

Natural: In Natural mode, managing the switch between the electric motor and engine is entirely automatic. The ideal setting for everyday use, the system will bring in the 1.3-liter turbocharged engine when the vehicle shifts into second gear or when more performance or traction is demanded.

Advanced Efficiency: The Advanced Efficiency setting is designed for maximum electric range. The Tonale will only use power from the 15.5-kWh battery to drive the rear electric motor for more than 30 miles. Once the battery reaches its minimum state of charge, the 1.3-liter engine will start, and the vehicle will operate like a traditional hybrid with continued efficiency and extended range. The (BSG) eMotor will charge the battery, enabling continued use of the rear e-motor and AWD.

So when the battery is at a minimum, the rear motor is still functional - it doesn't just cut-out. I'd still like to see numbers. But this helps.

I also imagine in Advanced Mode, the electric motor is only one running so you have only RWD. Once the battery min is reached, the 1.3T takes over and then its FWD. Hit some ice and the 1.3T + rear motor both kick in together to give AWD. After you're OK, its back to 1.3T and FWD.

I'm calling this Q4 drive the "Ouija Drive" from now on. :unsure:
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