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What happens to power output if you don't charge the RT Phev?

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Hi All,

This is a great startup forum! I have a V6 Jeep Cherokee and am considering an upgrade to the RT Phev. I have access to a garage at my house, but when I stay at my girlfriend's house, I park on the street.
What happens to the power output if you don't charge the car? Will the stated amount of power only last the 30 miles? If you drove all day or say 200 miles, will there be decreased power if the car is out of charge?

Thanks for the reply's if you have any answers!
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I'm not sure, don't know much about plug-in hybrids but, I would think you would still be able to run on the 1.3 ltr turbo gas motor
Yes, I'm sure that the car will run on the gas motor. But just wondering how much power it will make? Will the AWD system not work, etc?
Wish I could help you on that. So little info out on these yet.
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