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Sooo ridiculous!

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So since it is now March, I went into to talk to my dealer yesterday to see if they had any delivery info yet. Of course they didn't know diddly. How can a company like Dodge keep their dealers/customers in the blind for so long like this? I know I have waited this long but, honestly I am starting to question why. I just want my car.
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Yup. Ridiculous. Best way to kill off a project, organization, etc is to just let it go silent. Deliveries have taken too long and soon the other 250+ new offerings will be hitting the market and people will wander over there. C'mon Alfa Dodge.
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Yeah. 250. Last year a major car mag used that number from 2022my thru the 2027my. Probably includes all manufacturers and all trim levels. Point being the Hornet phev has the best power numbers for now but I'm not OCD on this model, In 2-3 years the Hornet platform will be changed over to a new one and there'll be 249 others to choose from.
So yeah, 250. Bring 'em on! :)

Edit: And respect to the OP, it IS taking too long. And with all the new models coming out, they aren't building 250+ new factory lines. So they'll start with more and more time-share of building one model this week, it's sister model another week, on existing factories. Each will be working 3 shifts, but working one model for a week, then a week on a cousin model. So I expect the wait times to increase for a made-to-order car.

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