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Premium vs. regular fuel

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MoparFTW posted a specification page that says the GT makes 268 hp on premium fuel.

Two questions: does the GT require premium, or is it able to drink regular with a lower hp rating? And what are the fuel requirements for the R/T?
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Thanks for the response. FWIW, the attached Specification page shows the GT engine (the Hurricane) making 268hp on premium fuel. The specs show the R/T engine (combined ICE and elec.) making 288hp, with no mention of fuel requirement.


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Update: The full Owner's Manual (p.266) states that the 2.0 engine in the GT is designed to operate on 87 octane gas. However, "optimal performance" requires 91 octane or better."

There is no mention of the fuel requirements of the R/T because that model is not covered in the manual.
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