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Premium vs. regular fuel

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MoparFTW posted a specification page that says the GT makes 268 hp on premium fuel.

Two questions: does the GT require premium, or is it able to drink regular with a lower hp rating? And what are the fuel requirements for the R/T?
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There are two hurricane engines; the one offered in the Jeep Cherokee and the one in the Giulia/Stelvio. The former has a closed deck block, dual cams, and an oil dipstick whereas the Alfa version is open deck, Multiair single cam, and lacks an oil dipstick. According to the EPA fuel economy website, the Jeep turbo can run on regular gas but the Alfa version requires premium. The first pictures of the engine bay of the Hornet seem to show the presence of an oil dipstick so perhaps it has the Jeep engine. FWIW, the original GLHTurbo (I had one) could run on any grade of gas though of course premium got the best results; perhaps Dodge remembers that.
Welcome to the forum @Chazz! Which Hornet model are you thinking of getting?
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