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I am going to be trying to add paddle shifters to my GT this year. I have already started some research. I know the 9 speed ZF 948 AWD trans is capable of using them, Honda does. The Alpha Romeo Stelvio, Giulia and Tonale all use the same paddle set up in them. I know Alfa owners are adding them to their base model cars that didn't come with them. All of the Alpha's are prewired for the Harness, it is just taped off inside the steering column. I am hoping same is true with the Hornet. That will be one determining factor and the first things I check when the car arrives. The paddle controllers bolt in fairly easy and just plug into the existing harness. Then it will need the Multi scan tool to program the shifters to work. It is in there but, just turned off. Hopefully it is all the same as the Tonale. You can pick up a used Alfa paddle assembly for around $400 to $500. We'll see how it goes but, first, I need the car to
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