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I’ve jumped ship

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Sorry everyone, I’ve jumped ship. This is my new 2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe in High Velocity Clear coat. Fits my commute with its 25 all electric miles capability and the boxy design allows me to stuff this thing like a thanksgiving turkey. Good luck everyone and I hope you all enjoy your Hornets!

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Hey @Tonka Swoont congrats on getting your 4xe! Was the electric range the main selling feature for it over the Hornet?

If you're not already a member there's a 4xe forum you should check out.

No, I knew the Hornet R/T would come with an advertised 30 miles all electric, which beats out the Jeeps 25 miles. I'm lucky enough that I work close to a free charging station so 50% of my commute is always free! I find myself with around 3-6 miles of range left by the time I get to work (HVAC plays a big role in how much EV range I have left). Because I've been utilizing the EV range so much I've still got 3/4 of a tank left with 300 miles on the odometer.

I picked the Wrangler instead, mainly because of the fold flat seats. I know there is a small ledge from seats to trunk due to battery placement but that's nothing a home made 2x8 square can't fix. I do find myself sleeping in my vehicles (due to work) so I'll have to make the wood square to make up for that ledge difference and place a flat piece of wood over the seats and the trunk to make a flat surface for my air mattress. The Hornet as far as I can tell from all the videos and photos, do not have fold flat seats.

I am a member over there, they are all really good people and with plenty more experience than me so it's nice to read up on some questions I had. I'll stick around this forum as well, I'm really interested in seeing how the Hornet community mods their rides and I look forward to all the EV talk!
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