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Sent this to some of the Leadership at Dodge:


Being leaders of this project, I wanted to direct your attention to current customer sentiment: Sooo ridiculous!

Many feel lost or abandoned due to the need for clear communication from the company on delivery updates and status reports.

It may be helpful to validate the speculation of Hornets being stalled for delivery until March for the sake of marketing, etc: Hornet deliveries delayed until mid March

Regardless of your actions, I think it is important you understand pain points of your current customers.

Their reply:
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This may help improve company-customer comms - probably not. But it seems like more and more hints converge on the Mar-Apr timeline.
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Is anyone else finding the reply difficult to read? And, out of curiosity, did you have individual addresses or receive a response to an email sent to a generic Dodge mailbox?
We appreciate you taking the time to bring this conversation to our attention. Ever since the reveal at Speed Week, we have been blown away by the Dodge community’s response to the Hornet.

Taking care of our customers is always our #1 priority, especially our customers who have already ordered a vehicle.

As stewards of the brand, we owe it to our customers and dealers to make good on the launch of Hornet. Delays are frustrating and we know it has created concerns.

As I’m sure you are aware, supply chain issues have wreaked havoc across our industry, and Hornet is no exception. Our customers deserve the best shopping experience possible, and we are working feverishly through these challenges to meet our demand.

Despite these challenges, Hornets will be departing for dealers imminently, arriving on lots early Spring.

We want to thank you and the entire Dodge community for your continued patience.

The swarm is coming…
Individual addresses that I found on the interwebs :) Generic inboxes rarely get a response.
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