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30,000 Mile Spark Plug Changes

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Since I’m bored while waiting for my Hornet to be built, I decided to see if there was any info about maintenance. After searching my local CDJR dealer servicing page, they have a factory required maintenance guide for the Hornet. (I compared this to three other dealers and the schedule is the same) It mentions having the spark plugs changed every 30k miles. That seems like an awful short interval for modern spark plugs. I did look up info on the Alfa engines and on the 2.0L it’s 60k miles and the 2.9L it’s 30k miles. Thoughts?


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GDI turbo plugs start getting a wide gap much faster than they do in a naturally aspirated engine-

Also a good idea to be meticulous with 3000 mile full synthetic oil changes, regardless of dealer recommendations...
I usually follow the "extreme duty" guidelines in the user manual, but I've never seen on that suggested 3K miles, usually 5K is extreme duty interval which is already short compared to today's 10K interval changes.
I'm a life long mechanic that believes in preventive maintenance over dealer recommendations-

I also want the engine to last 200k + if possible...

Remember, the twin turbo on our 2.0 is manufactured to super tight tolerance. All the way down to a micron... (a human hair is about 70 microns)

Forced induction, gasoline direct injection engines naturally produce more carbon deposits.

Premature wear from carbon deposits in the oil causes wear to the impeller shaft and bearings, increasing the gap between the two surfaces.

This is a major cause of turbo issues, which often lead to catastrophic engine failure.

But if you plan to sell it after a few years,
you'll be fine following the dealer recommendations-
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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