Here's how the two new compact SUVs from Dodge and Mazda compare.
Verdict: So, how do the two crossovers ultimately stack up? On paper, at least, the Dodge Hornet offers much less choice than the Mazda CX-30 and its eight different packages. The plus side for Hornet buyers is that, with fewer configurations to choose from, their shopping experience should be easier. On the other hand, the CX-30's offerings might be overwhelming, but they're also generally quite affordable. If a buyer doesn't mind giving up the boosted engine, they can get into a CX-30 for under $23,000, and if even if that buyer decides they want a turbo, they're still likely paying less than they would for the Hornet GT. We can't wait to get these two sporty small SUVs together for a proper test; when that happens—and final pricing arrives from Dodge—we'll be able to make a final call on which is better.